The electronic control unit was developed to compliment the safety heating elements found in the products. At the end of the manufacturing process, all products undergo a computer-controlled  exclusive automatic calibration and test. During this stage, each control unit is individually matched to the heating element it is connected to. Finally, the entire product is intensively tested and verified in order to detect any anomaly, thus assuring the correct functioning of each item before receiving final approval for distribution. With this calibration process, the ability of the control unit to regulate the temperature is dramatically improved.
The automated testing and verification process ensures that the possibility of defective products leaving the factory is reduced to virtually zero. This exclusive technology provides the user with two technological advantages over the competition:


Traditionally heating products have been dependent on ambient temperature for proper functioning. Thus, the maximum surface temperature they can reach in winter is inferior to that reached in summer and this may present a problem for the user. In some countries, wintertime temperatures can be 40ºC or more lower than in summer, and thus the heating effect is reduced or becomes insufficient for heating purposes in winter. The control unit is designed not only to measure and control the surface temperature of the product but also to detect ambient temperature changes and to automatically compensate for them. This guarantees that the product will maintain a constant temperature, regardless of ambiance or use conditions. Thanks to their powerful heating capacity, products reach and maintain a constant temperature, as determined and set by the user, even in intense cold.


ultrafast_logoAll products have been designed with augmented power ranges to provide high temperature heating capacity in a faster way than conventional products. In addition, all our heating pads and mattress pads belonging to the “F” family incorporate a fast heating function that allows the user to feel the heat in just 15 seconds (heating pads), and the product to reach the selected temperature in 10 to 15 minutes, while conventional products not featuring this fast heating technology require from 30 to 45 minutes to reach the same temperature. The full power is applied during the first minutes of operation, that is, until reaching the desired temperature. Once obtained, power is substantially reduced, thus providing the user with the benefit of lower energy consumption.