US30TD – Medium size Universal Polyester heat pad
21 August, 2019
SS30TD – Special polyester lumbar belt
21 August, 2019

S40 – Special PVC pad designed for cervical, shoulder and back areas

EAN 8436531910457

Our S40 pad was designed specifically to provide relief to the cervical area, shoulders and the entire back. It’s manufactured in PVC so that you can also apply creams and gels, remaining easy to clean. Included is a washable cotton cover to protect the pad.

With four heat levels it will reach the required heating level in a mere 15 seconds of operation and it features a 2h AutoSTOP.

Our range of electric pads has been designed so that you can relieve your muscular tensions, your ailments and, in so doing you can recover your strength and use your time for doing what you like and enjoy. We design for you to relax, to improve your health and beauty.

Pekatherm wants you to take care of yourself, improve your quality of life and enjoy all the benefits that heat can offer you. Since time immemorial, the use of heat as a therapeutic agent has been using applications such as hot cloths, waxes or oils, but now everything has changed; high technology has been put at the service of your health through fabrics and heat.


Ergonomic heating pad for use on the back, shoulders and neck.

  • 4 temperature settings
  • 15 seconds to selected temperature
  • 100% cotton cover machine washable
  • 2h AutoSTOP