X5 – Aluminium Rechargeable LED flashlight
6 September, 2019
U105DF – Single controller high end electric under blanket in cotton
3 June, 2020

UP102 – Single controller Polyester under blanket with non-separable controller

EAN 8436531911034

This model is a single controller under blanket (150×70) with non-separable controller. This high quality unit is manufactured in Polyester was designed to provide good rest and wellbeing whilst you sleep. A good night’s sleep has a positive effect on your health, which will be reflected in your looks, mood, and give you a positive attitude to start the day.

With its 50W of power you’ll have enough to heat your bed and forget about the cold winter nights. Economical and quality.


Standard under blanket with single controller.

3 Temperature levels

150 x 70cm

100% Polyester


Hand washable

Non separable controller