UP105 – Single controller Polyester under blanket with non-separable controller
21 August, 2019
UP205 – Polyester under blanket with double non-separable controllers
21 August, 2019

UP117 – Single non-separable controller Polyester under blanket

EAN 8436531911201

This is a single bed under blanket (170 x 90 cm) with a non-separable controller, manufactured in high-quality Polyester, designed for good sleep and well-being. Sleeping well will provide positive effects to your health and this will be reflected in your good looks, mood and a positive outlook on the next day.

Under blankets are large mattress covers which heat the bed and are flexible; they are especially designed to adapt to mattresses and rest on top of them. With very low energy consumption, they generate a gentle and effective rising heat.

Heat is important because it enhances blood circulation, eliminates toxins, relaxes and favours a good night’s sleep. It reduces sleep problems and makes those cold nights more pleasant.

Pekatherm under blankets are 100% safe and reliable, thanks to a double coil heating cabling, double thermal fuse and a self-stop feature in case of malfunction. Maximum security technology.


Standard under blanket with single controller.

2 Temperature levels




Hand washable

Non separable controller