UP205D – Polyester under blanket with double detachable controllers
21 August, 2019
UP105 – Single controller Polyester under blanket with non-separable controller
21 August, 2019

UP210D – Polyester under blanket with double detachable controllers

EAN 8436531912208

This is an under blanket manufactured in high-quality Polyester which features double independent temperature controllers to provide different heat levels to different areason the bed so each person may select their own level of comfort for an ideal night’s rest. It’s been designed to optimise your body’s rest to obtain the well-being that so favours our health. Thanks to its great dimensions, your entire bed will be warm (150 x 160 cm). It’s easily washable thanks to its two detachable controllers and if desired, can be machine washed.

Under blankets are large mattress covers which heat the bed and are flexible; they are especially designed to adapt to mattresses and rest on top of them. With very low energy consumption, they generate a gentle and effective rising heat.

Heat is important because it enhances blood circulation, eliminates toxins, relaxes and favours a good night’s sleep. It reduces sleep problems and makes those cold nights more pleasant.

Pekatherm under blankets are 100% safe and reliable, thanks to a double coil heating cabling, double thermal fuse and a self-stop feature in case of malfunction. Maximum security technology.



  • 3 Temperature levels
  • 160x150cm
  • Polyester
  • 2x60W
  • Double detachable controllers
  • Hand or machine washable