GU920 – Battery operated heated gloves
26 August, 2019
AE804 – Ankle Heating Bandage
26 August, 2019

AE802 – Knee Heating Bandage

EAN 8436531918026

This is a thermal bandage powered by a Lithium battery and designed exclusively for the knee. It is especially recommended for athletes who have suffered an injury or people with ailments centred on the knee area.

Its independent charging system allows you to move while still acting on the affected area. Its neoprene fabric makes it highly resistant and is suitable for both the left and right knee.

– The advantages of thermal bandages over traditional methods of thermal therapy are basically four:

1) They allow the local application of heat exactly in the area to be treated. Each bandage model has been designed for a specific region, so that heat is applied where it is most effective. As a result, the bandages have been provided with means to fasten so that they are able to stay in the correct position during the entire utilisation period.

2) Battery power allows complete freedom of movement

3) Low voltage operation guarantees maximum safety in use

4) The Neoprene-based fabric has unique technical qualities: it is an excellent thermal insulator that retains heat, keeping it concentrated in the joint area. On the other hand its elasticity allows a perfect fit to the body and a smooth compression evenly distributed throughout the area of ​​the joint, which favours the penetration of heat into it.

All our models have been designed to adapt uniquely to joints and body regions of very difficult curvature, allowing the application of heat effectively. Our designs feature elastic bands with Velcro, so that they can be firmly and stably attached to any joint, allowing manual adjustment to the various morphologies and allowing body movements without ever losing their position.

The active three-layer fabric used in the manufacture of this range of bandages serves as a mechanical support for the internal heating module, while having unique technical properties.

  • Application: Knee

    Measurements: 82x28cm

    Power source: Lithium battery (included)

    Internal heating element:  Resistant cabling

    Input voltage: 3.7/7.4V

    Power: 8/12W

    Approximate maximum temperature: 55ºC

    Quick heating (in only 60 seconds).

    Operational duration: 30/150 min

    Base material: SBR Rubber

    Finish: Synthetic fibres composed of polyamide, urethane, nylon and polyester


    Two types of charging:

    3.7V 2200mAh rechargeable Lithium battery, approximate operational autonomy: 150min, approximate charging time: 4h

    7.4V 650mAh rechargeable Lithium battery, approximate operational autonomy: 30min, approximate charging time: 3h