GU91 – Battery powered heated gloves
26 August, 2019
GU920 – Battery operated heated gloves
26 August, 2019

GU910 – Lithium battery powered heated gloves

EAN 8436531919122 (Size S)

EAN 8436531919146 (Size M)

EAN 8436531919160 (Size L)

EAN 8436531919184 (Size XL)

Classic gloves designed for cold weather outdoor activities, weather that may include wind, snow and rain, where finger mobility is required. They are waterproof, comfortable and come in an elegant design. They are ideal for equestrian activities, hunting, fishing, motorcycle riding, etc. Developed for versatility of use, their design is optimal tor moderately cold conditions as well as extreme cold. Included with the product are two special Lithium CP940 batteries.

Multi-layer fabric structure in which each layer has been studied to create the ideal qualities necessary to repel water and maximise insulation, whilst maintaining the flexibility, comfort, ease of use and durability. The gloves are made with a waterproof membrane and a thermal insulation membrane.

This range of heated gloves has been developed for versatility. The design took into account day to day use in urban areas in moderate cold situations as well as its use in more extreme conditions and temperatures.  They have been manufactured with an interior multi-layer fabric structure in which each layer has been carefully selected to ensure that the product has the ideal qualities necessary to repel water and maximise insulation, without the product losing its flexibility, comfort, ease of use and durability.


Lithium battery powered heated gloves.

Sizes: S/M/L/XL

Material: 100% Polyester

Fabric structure: 5 layers, including a waterproof interior membrane and another membrane of thermal insulation

Maximum power: 4.5W

Includes: Special rechargeable Lithium batteries Ref. CP940 with charger

Electronics with quick heating function (heat in only 15 seconds).

Operational time: 2.5h

Maximum interior temperature: 55ºC

Heated areas: Back of the hand and fingers

Design features

– Reflective strips in the back of the hand side for better night-time visibility

– Elastic wrist band for more wrist stability

– Forearm closure with tensioner

– Reinforced fabric in the hand palm area and fingers for greater durability

– Special battery pocket built-in to the glove for easy accessibility

– Fastening clips to keep both gloves together when not in use

Technical specifications of the batteries:

– Technology: Lithium

– Nominal output voltage: 3.7V

– Capacity: 2200mAh

– Dimensions: 67x30x20mm

– Weight: 51g

Technical specifications of the charger: Wall adapter with double output to simultaneously recharge two batteries.

– Input specifications: Universal 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.5A

– Output specifications: 4.2V DC, 1.5A

– Approximate charging time: 5h (simultaneous charging of two batteries 3.7V 2200mAh totally drained)

– Dimensions: 71 x 30 x 80mm

– Weight: 111gr

– Double output connector, to simultaneously recharge two batteries

– Two-tone LED Green/Red charging indicator, drained battery indicator