CP940 – Set of two rechargeable Lithium batteries and charger
26 August, 2019
W032 – Rechargeable 3W COB worklight Medium
3 September, 2019

CP951 – Set of two “Smart” rechargeable batteries and charger

EAN 8436531919511

This pack is a high performance energy source for Pekatherm heating gloves and glove liners. The batteries’ high capacity allows for greater operational autonomy. Using the “Smart Battery” technology a pushbutton incorporated in each battery lets the user adjust the temperature inside the gloves to four different levels. Moreover, the charger included has simultaneous rapid recharge functions for both batteries.

The CP 951 set has been designed to provide the gloves and glove liners more professional features for power, quick heating, temperature control, maximum temperature, battery life and weight. By acquiring and using this set, you can select among four temperature settings in both the gloves and liners, a much higher interior temperature and have up to twice the battery life.

Pekatherm recommend acquiring and using the CP951 set to obtain maximum performance when using the gloves and glove liners.


– Greater capacity and less weight.

– Strong output level (allows faster heating of the gloves).

– Choose among 4 different levels of heat inside the gloves

– Constant discharge voltage (the temperature inside the gloves will remain constant until the batteries are totally discharged).

– The fast charging feature reduces charging time in comparison to conventional batteries

– Low self-discharge rate (once charged, the batteries retain their power without appreciable change during months).

– Minimal ageing rate and loss of capacity due to use.



Description:  Set of two “Smart” Lithium batteries and charger for gloves and glove liners

Technology: Lithium

Output voltage: 7.4V

Capacity: 2200mAh

Output power: 4 different levels (25-50-75-100%) using pushbutton select feature.

Maximum output: 15W

Maximum functional autonomy: Between 9 and 15h, depending on the model of glove used (with battery configuration at lowest temperature).

Dimensions: 70x50x20mm

Weight: 112g

Design Features:

– On/Off Pushbutton operation and for the desired temperature selection (25-50-75-100%).

– Multifunction LEDs: On indicator, temperature level selected, battery charge level total discharge indicator.

– Warning buzzer uses audible tones.

The set includes: Two rechargeable Lithium batteries with “Smart Battery” technology, charger with dual output for the simultaneous charging of two batteries.

Compatible with:

– Heating liners model GU900

– Heating gloves models GU91, GU920